Month: May 2021

Do you want to know how you can obtain a better and healthier smile? It’s possible to attain the bright and dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. But the process involves more than just splurging on expensive dental procedures. A few simple tips for a healthier smile can make all the difference, as well as your self-confidence.   Brush Your Teeth Regularly – If you have discolored teeth due to smoking or drinking coffee, start brushing your teeth more often. Twice per day is sufficient. Even if you can’t brush your teeth immediately after a meal, try using your toothbrush to clean them first thing in the morning. It’s also helpful to use mouthwash or regular toothpaste with fluoride. When choosing toothpaste, choose the one that has at least a little hydrogen peroxide in it. The additional boost from the peroxide will help fight plaque and prevent future staining. Avoid Teeth