Author: Phyllis Glisson

When you think about dentistry, your mind probably goes to your family dentist, who performs regular cleanings and dental X-rays. However, dentistry consists of many professionals specializing in different areas. For example, boca Dental and Braces focuses on the inside of the tooth past the hardened enamel exterior. They perform root canals and are the ones who discover if a patient has an abnormal growth on their x-ray. Like your primary care physician, the general dentist is a key member of your oral health team. These dental professionals are most familiar with the oral health of your entire family. They can provide routine preventative services and diagnose and treat more complex concerns. Most patients visit their general dentist at least twice yearly for preventive services such as oral exams, professional cleanings, and screenings for gum disease and other potential problems. These visits enable a dentist or hygienist to remove hardened plaque and