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Dentistry in many parts of the world is being taken over by financially driven practices, and there seems to be a growing number of clinics that are focused only on the bottom line and, as such, see the largest number of patients possible a day, putting themselves and their patients at risk. How? By not taking the appropriate amount of time to process patients’ information, properly discuss treatment options with them and prepare the operatory for therapy and in many cases by not placing a dental dam when needed. Mariyah

COLOGNE, Germany: In 2021, IDS is going hybrid, which means that more participants than ever before will attend the largest trade show in the dental industry from the comfort of their homes and not in person, owing to COVID-19 travel restrictions. To provide a digital enhancement to the classic physical event, the free platform IDSconnect intends to maintain IDS’s extensive international reach together with a successful on-site trade fair experience. Did you miss our previous article… Mariyah

PARIS, France: Septodont, a world leader in dental anaesthesia, has announced that Karim Khadr joined the company as president of its dental division on 28 July. He will report to Olivier Schiller, CEO of the Septodont Group.Always check our latest articles at… Mariyah