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PARIS, France: From tomorrow until Saturday, the Palais des Congrès de Paris is hosting the French Dental Association’s (ADF’s) annual conference and exhibition. Under the theme “Souriez, on va se retrouver” (smile, we’ll meet again), the organisers are welcoming attendees in person again this year, after last year’s event had to be cancelled owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Did you miss our previous article… Mariyah

LEIPZIG, Germany: The latest edition of a comprehensive report on the European dental industry is now available for purchase through Dental Tribune International (DTI). Compiled by the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe (ADDE), the report is a must-have for those whose businesses depend on an intimate knowledge of dentistry in Europe.Did you miss our previous article… Mariyah

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dr. Mark Burhenne (@askthedentist) “How could you advocate for getting the vaccine? I thought you were a holistic dentist.” I’m getting this question a lot, and the answer is this…⁣⁣I’m a healthcare worker. When you’re a healthcare worker, you have to think of your patients, especially more vulnerable populations, such as my patients with chronic illness, taking prednisone or antibiotics, and the elderly.⁣⁣I’m above age 60.⁣⁣I saw my son-in-law, a healthy guy in his early 30s, get hospitalized with COVID complications. His lungs were ravaged as you can see on his CT scans. I have patients and family and friends who have put on ventilators, some who haven’t made it. ⁣⁣COVID is on its way to becoming endemic, meaning the chance of everyone experiencing this virus on some level is almost guaranteed. When I am exposed to COVID, I want to

Q What's the best manual toothbrush? A I get asked this a lot. For something as basic as brushing twice daily, we sure have made it complicated! Here, I’ll walk you through… 1. What actually matters when choosing a brush 2. The three that I most commonly recommend What matters when choosing a brush The things I look for, in order of importance: Soft (or extra) soft bristles: This is priority number one. Medium and hard bristles can cause gingival abrasion or create microabrasions in enamel, which can leave the teeth more susceptible to cavities, gum recession, and sensitivity. Quality bristles: This is a must-have because of the potential for bristles to do major damage. I’ve seen this damage first-hand in my patients. When a manufacturer takes shortcuts, the result is low quality bristles with sharp or jagged edges which damage teeth. STOP using medium or hard bristles, which can

Many health-related articles and websites point to having a healthy gut microbiome as the key to living an overall healthy lifestyle. However, before the gut microbiome comes into the picture, it’s the oral microbiome that is at the forefront of keeping you and your immune system in good condition.  Maintaining a healthy oral microbiome is a major focus of my dentistry, so I am always looking for resources that will help guide people in taking the best care of their mouths. That’s where the book, Heal Your Oral Microbiome, by Cass Nelson-Dooley comes in. This book focuses exclusively on the oral microbiome and teaches you how your mouth paves the way towards full-body health, as well as important steps to take in order to heal and balance your oral microbiome. It’s the first book of its kind. During 40 years of dental practice, I had never before read information like

CHARLOTTE, N.C., U.S.: For years, Dentsply Sirona has been committed to promoting women in dentistry, supporting the professional development of female dentists and dental technicians through various programs, such as its Smart Integration Award. Now, the company has announced its founding partnership with Women in DSO (WinDSO), a dental service organization (DSO) founded last year whose mission is to highlight the achievements of women in dental service organizations and empower women leaders. Did you miss our previous article… Mariyah

SYDNEY, Australia: Though dentistry is a profession that often delivers a high level of prestige and job satisfaction, dental practitioners are prone to occupational burn-out, depression and myriads of other mental health issues. These issues have intensified over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) has launched Dental Practitioner Support, a round-the-clock, free and confidential phone service intended to provide advice and help to dental practitioners across Australia.Did you miss our previous article… Mariyah

BERLIN, Germany: In our modern society, data has become a key resource that allows for the storage and analysis of important information which then influences how decisions are made or what offers are available. This approach also applies to health and dental care, where providers aim to deliver quality care by processing information generated about their patients—a trend that is currently called data dentistry. Mariyah

LEIPZIG, Germany: Sales at major dental companies climbed in the second quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2020, during which the pandemic brought dentistry to a grinding halt. In the latest series of earnings reports, some dental company chiefs praised the recovery of the market, whereas others outlined falling discretionary spending, concerns about SARS-CoV-2 variants and sluggish vaccine rollouts in some geographic areas.Did you miss our previous article… Mariyah

GOTHENBURG, Sweden: Although overall oral health in Sweden has improved significantly, root canal treatment is still a common procedure. Since few studies on root canal treatment in the general dental practice have been undertaken, a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg for a doctoral thesis investigated which factors influence the outcomes of such procedures. It was found that the majority of patients would choose the same treatment again if in need, although pain and discomfort around the tooth are common. Mariyah