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Lip Fillers San Diego are injected with hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body. They provide an excellent alternative to fat injections and implants, which require a longer healing process. The skill of the injector is critical for subtle and natural-looking results. The right dermal filler can smooth out fine lines, refine the corners of the lips, and even address vertical expression lines above the mouth, often referred to as smoker’s lines. Lip fillers are best known for giving lips more volume, but they can also help soften lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Using a solution containing hyaluronic acid—a natural sugar that occurs in your skin and is used in dermal fillers—a healthcare professional can inject these fillers directly into the lips and surrounding area to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that develop as a result of smoking or repetitive facial expressions, such as smiling. These are sometimes