Metal or Plastic Fillings?

Fillings are very common procedures and while they are preventable, they still happen. So, if you are getting a filling done, should you go with metal or plastic as your material of choice? Today, Dr. B outlines these two materials and weighs up the pros and cons of each. Even though plastic is not good for us, the metal in our mouths is far worse. There are numerous side effects of metal fillings that Dr. B explains. We also hear which material he uses for fillings on his patients. Remember, there is no informed consent when it comes to choosing your filling material, so make sure you explicitly tell your dentist which one you’d prefer.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • You should always ask your dentist before they place anything in your mouth
  • There is no informed consent when it comes to the type of material that’s used for a filling
  • A history of metal fillings, why they are so popular, and some of the drawbacks of this material
  • Details about plastic fillings and some of the dangers that come with them
  • Why Dr. B thinks plastic fillings are still overall better than metal ones
  • The material Dr. B is currently using for his fillings

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