What Are The Best Prescription Toothpaste Alternatives?

If you have ever been prescribed toothpaste such as PreviDent 5000, you might have wondered how they work and whether there are any non-fluoride alternatives. The good news is there are, and they are extremely safe to use. In today’s episode, Dr. B shed light on hydroxyapatite toothpaste and why they are such great replacements for their conventional counterparts. We also get some product recommendations from Dr. B along with advice on how to use these kinds of toothpaste to ensure maximum efficacy. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dr. B’s take on PreviDent 5000 and similar products
  • Why products like PreviDent 5000 are only available via prescription
  • The different forms that fluoride typically takes
  • What studies have shown about a 10% concentration of hydroxyapatite and the benefits it offers
  • Why Dr. B is so excited about hydroxyapatite
  • Warnings around boutique toothpaste that claim to contain hydroxyapatite
  • How to use the toothpaste, Boka, Dr. B recommends

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